How rich is Jeff Bezos?

In the past year, it is thought that founder of Amazon, Jeff Bezos, has become the worlds richest man overtaking Bill Gates. With a net worth at an estimated $115.7 billion (as of 13th Feb 2018), he leads the former leaders $90.5 billion by $25.2 billion and is expected to lead the Forbes rich list once this year’s edition once released. Not only this, but he has also seen is net worth grow by $70 billion in the last 2 years alone! That sounds like a lot of money, but what is it worth to the everyday human being?

How much is he earning?


At $70 Billion over two years, that’s an average daily earning of $95.9 Million, or $1109.84 every single second. That would mean he would be able to buy a new iPhone X every second and still have a little over $100 left. If Bezos was walking down the road with his pockets full of change and some happened to fall out of his pocket, in the time that it would take for it to hit the floor he would have earned about $507. $507 is a little bit less than the average US citizen earns each week, he has earned that in under half a second.

What could he buy?

Of course, Bezos’ money is locked up in a lot of investments, but if all of a sudden he had $115.7 Billion in cash, what could he buy?

7231 private islands in Dubai


At $16 million apiece, you can buy one of 1 of the world island project in Dubai, which is a set of man-made islands, produced by piling sand into the sea, all laid out into the shape of the map of the world. These islands come completely undeveloped so all you’re getting is a small island of sand ranging in size from 6 to 20 acres.

259 Airbus A380s


The worlds largest commercial jet will set you back $445.6 million. Bezos could buy 259 of these, 37 more than that have ever been built. So if Bezos ever decided to start an airline, he would probably have the nicest places possible.

1285 Space X Falcon heavy rockets


Billionaire visionary/evil genius(?) Elon Musk’s company Space X have aimed to bring down the cost of space travel substantially. They have said that the launch of their biggest rocket at the moment can cost as little as $90million and up to $150million for a fully maxed out version of their rocket.

So, is he the richest man in the world?

Well, yes and no, he is the richest person that we can see their wealth. There are a lot of secret billionaires that like to hide their money and families who’s combined wealth surpass that of Bezos. For example, the richest family in the world is believed to be the Saudi royal family with a wealth of an estimated $1.2 trillion, or about 10.7 Jeff Bezoses.


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